The Hanging Garden Radio Show 4/7 w/guest DJ Mystikz


  1. Raising Cain by The Mission on Neverland
  2. Cry Me A River by CHVRCHES on BBC1
  3. Eliza by Peter Murphy on Lion
  4. Play Dead by The Birthday Massacre on Violet
  5. Changeling by Simple Minds on Real To Real Cacophony
  6. Faded Flowers by Shriekback on Oil and Gold
  7. Annie, Would I Lie To You? by Iris on Disconnect
  8. Atomic Bongos by Lydia Lunch on Queen Of Siam
  9. The Birthday Party by The Night Watchman
  10. Sigurinn by Q4U
  11. Desire by Gene Loves Jezebel on Discover
  12. Make No Mistake by Psyche
  13. Skipping by 1982 on Sulk
  14. Melancholy Rose by Marc Almond on Mother Fist and Her Five Daughters
  15. Somewhere by Danse Society on Somewhere
  16. Before The Storm by The Frozen Autumn on Chirality
  17. Retaliation by Diary Of Dreams on Moments of Bloom
  18. 10:15 Saturday Night by The Cure on Three Imaginary Boys
  19. Computer Love by Kraftwerk on The Mix
  20. Second Sight by Fading Colours feat. Anne Clark
  21. Shoom by Trust on TR/ST
  22. Dark Enough by Health on Death Magic