1. Bloody Mary by Arghoslent
  2. Conjuring the Expulsed by Irkallian Oracle
  3. Beings of Entropy by Ritual Chamber
  4. Susurration by Ellorsith
  5. A-Life Omega Point by Wormed
  6. Martian Terrors, Limbonic Steps by Howls of Ebb
  7. Meaning Corrupted 1 by G.I.S.M.
  8. Bleed For Me by Dismember
  9. Acolytes by Horrendous
  10. Usurpation by Knelt Rote
  11. Exercises in Futility II by MGLA
  12. Caminando del Destino / Desert Smoke / Wells Run Dry by Shaatan
  13. Ornaments on Malice by The Ruins of Beverast
  14. Tetravirulence (Pestilentiam Intus Vocamus, Voluntatem Absolvimus III) by Mitochondrion
  15. The Famished Zealot by Abjvration
  16. Beautiful and Damned by Slægt
  17. Pedigree Butchery by Carcass
  18. The Voices From Beneath the Well by Chthe'ilist
  19. Festival of Devotion by Cultes des Ghoules