Tuff Signals 109


  1. Gofer by Yucky Duster (Birdtapes)
  2. Bites Will Bleed by Loose Tooth on Saturn Returne (Milk!)
  3. When you Were 25 by Big Eyes on Local Celebrity / When You Were 25 (Don Geovanni Records)
  4. Wide Eyed by Angie Hosh (Self Released)
  5. What I Say by The Lopez on Kill Yr Selfie (Self Released)
  6. The Psychic Connection by Warm Bodies on Domo (Self Released)
  7. Can't Be by Kim and the Created on Get What I Want (Lolipop Records)
  8. Eyes All Over Town by Mrs. Magician on Eyes all over town (Self Released)
  9. Blur Mirror by together Pangea on The Phage EP (Burger Records)
  10. Seen in Scene by Smoking Trees on The Archer and the Bull (Self Released)
  11. Big Cookie by Meat Market on Dig Deep (Recess Records)
  12. Are There Beers in Heaven by Mean Jeans on A Tight New Dimension (Fat Wreck Chords)
  13. Action Breeze by The Tough Shits on Action Breeze (Opps Baby Records)
  14. Hey Nicki by Faux Cults on Caviar (Self Released)
  15. We Need more Stuff by Speed Babes on We Need More Stuff (Dumpster Tapes)
  16. Rich Old White Men by OBN IIIs on Rich Old White Men (12XU)
  17. Dirty San Francisc by Dikes of Holland on Braindead U.S.A. (Screamers Records)
  18. California by The Golden Boys on Dirty Fingernails (12XU)
  19. How You Spend Your Time by Mountains and Rainbows on Particles (Castle Face Records)
  20. Seven Years by Funeral Gold on Get Busy EP (Self Released)
  21. Negative Thoughts by Duchess Says on Duchess Says (Slovenly Recordings)
  22. Hard Time Karen by Patsy's Rats on Rock N' Roll Friend / Hard Time Karen (La Ti Da)
  23. Sore by Decent Criminal on Decent Criminal (Self Released)
  24. These Freaks by Dirty Fences on Dirty Fences (Self Released)
  25. Under the Volcano by Witch Jail (Self Released)
  26. Devitalize by Chain & the Gang on Minimum Rock N Roll (Discord Records)
  27. Messin' Round by Chickasaw Mound on Magic Sounds of our Sanctuary (Self Released)
  28. Haunted Head by Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds on Haunted Head (In the Red Records)
  29. Garbageman by The Cramps on Bad Music for Bad People (IRS Records)
  30. Sex and Dving in High Society by X on Los Angeles (Slash)
  31. Out of Control by Wine Lips on Wine Lips (Self Released)
  32. Out of Control by Wine Lips on Wine Lips (Self Released)
  33. Black Lips by The Zephyr Bones on Black Lips (La Castanya)
  34. Mr Pleasant by Sapin on Smell of a Prick (Howlin Banana)
  35. Anxiety by Pink Wine on Anxiety (Self Released)
  36. Hidden by Masses on Moloch (Lost in Fog Records)
  37. Ariana by Mercury Girls on Ariana (Self Released)
  38. Merce by Valius on Merce (La Castanya)