The Hanging Garden Radio Show 4/28 w/guest DJ Lori Lust and Tragic Black interview!


  1. Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure
  2. Lorelei by Corpus Delicti
  3. June by Crimson Scarlet
  4. Humdrum by Flesh and The Devil
  5. Vicious Circle by Belgrado
  6. Sex-Eye-Make-up by The Glove on Blue Sunshine
  7. Talk Of The Town by Age Of Mirrors on Mirage
  8. Same Old Scene by Roxy Music on Flesh and Blood
  9. In The Mood by Alphaville on Forever Young
  10. 6060-842 by The B-52s on The B-52s
  11. Hero Takes a Fall by The Bangles on The Bangles
  12. Nostalgia by Tragic Black on Nostalgia
  13. Clan Of Xymox by Back Door
  14. Sand by She Past Away
  15. Dressed For Space by Trust
  16. Everything by The Rain Within
  17. Now Until Forever by Ego Likeness
  18. Drowning Like The Garden by Mephisto Walz
  19. Pestilence by Esses on No Light In This Fire
  20. Equus by Blonde Redhead on Misery Is A Butterfly
  21. Pity For The Self by Poesie Noire on Pity For The Self Or We'll Teach You How To Dance
  22. Leave In Silence by Marsheaux on A Broken Frame
  23. A Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime) by Peter Shilling on A Different Story (World Of Lust and Crime)