Waxing Satellite .❍. Radio Show #18 (211014)


Thank you very much for listening, we hope you enjoy your time...

- WS.❍.


  1. Cockroach by WARM on Low Frequency Dude (He's A) (Independent)
  2. Another Soul (Pimp Down) by Al Dobson Jr on Another Soul (Pimp Down) (Izwid)
  3. Whispers of Beauty by Nicholas Allbrook on Ganough, Wallis & Fatuna (Spinning Top Music)
  4. Pilgrim and the Stars by Cave Circles on Pilgrim and the Stars (Independent)
  5. A Brain In A Bottle by Thom Yorke on Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (Independent)
  6. What You Gone Do by Policce Car on Poppin Lyke Ha EP (Independent)
  7. Have A Sad Cum by Death Grips on niggas on the moon (Independent)
  8. passage 2, realignment by christoph el' truento on stacking blocks made of real life happenings (Independent)
  9. Train to Lauterbrunnen by Aquaboogie on La Bellend Époque (Independent)
  10. Emperor by Maya Songbird on Emperor (Independent)
  11. Sun Particle Mind Body Experience by The Frowning Clouds on Legalize Everything (Rice Is Nice)
  12. Inertia by Blur on There's No Other Way (Single) (Food)
  13. Millionspiel (edit) by CAN on Mute Vorwärts Compilation (Mute)
  14. Chongo by Norfik on Inanimate Pulse (Tar)
  15. Sleepwalker (Zombie Zombie Mix) by Moon Duo on Circles Remixed (Sacred Bones)
  16. We Got The Vibes by v.o.c (Vibes Only Crew) on CONEXIÓN JUKE MÉXICO-JAPÓN vol.1 (Independent)
  17. Ommatidia by Jet Jaguar on Five Production Mistakes Even Professionals Keep Making (They're Not What You Think) (Independent)
  18. SAMAIMALA DANCE by George Jukemura + CRZKNY on 僉(The Bootists) - Selected Japanese Gorge by Takaakirah Ishii - (Terminal Explosion)
  19. Ride (Full Moon) by zeroh on Pool Party: Original Still Picture Soundtrack (Independent)
  20. How I Got Over by Darondo on Let My People Go (Ubiquity)
  21. Your Body Feels by Four Tet on Beautiful Rewind (Text)