2016-05-18 Derek's List


  1. Our Last Day In The Future by Stravanger on unk (unk)
  2. Show Me the Season by Maserati on Inventions for the New Season (unk)
  3. Young And Courageous by Tides Of Man on Young And Courageous (unk)
  4. Left To Rust And Rot by If These Trees Could Talk on Red Forest (unk)
  5. Good Morning, Captain by Slint on Spiderland (Touch and Go)
  6. Concrescence by Caspian on Tertia (unk)
  7. Bikes by tide/edit on IDEAS EP (unk)
  8. Two Rights Make One Wrong by Mogwai on Rock Action (Matador)
  9. The Dam Was Split But The City Was Saved by A. Armada on Anam Cara (unk)
  10. This One Took Forever by Goonies Never Say Die on In A Forest Without Trees (unk)
  11. First Breath After Coma by Explosions In the Sky on The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place (unk)
  12. Red Lightning Child / Great Emptiness by Coma Recovery on Goddverb (unk)
  13. Exit Dream by God Is An Astronaut on Origins (unk)
  14. Prepare Your Coffin by Tortoise on Beacons of Ancestorship (Thrill Jockey)
  15. Counterfeit of Dreams by Sleeping Bear on Sleeping Bear (unk)
  16. Aerials by Lights & Motion on Reanimation (unk)
  17. Minutes From Somewhere Else by Moonlit Sailor on We Come From Exploding Stars (unk)
  18. Break
  19. Ghost of York by As Tall As Lions on As Tall As Lions (Triple Crown Records)