1. Pyrex Pot by Gucci Mane on Traph House (Big Cat)
  2. Mametchi/Usohachi (ft. Mr Yote by Iglooghost on Chinese Nü Yr - EP (Brainfeeder)
  3. Peach Winks by Holly Waxing on Peach Winks (Cascine)
  4. Execute by Tommy Genesis on World Vision (Awful Records)
  5. Gucci Racks by Goth Money on Trillionaires (Goth Money)
  6. Marine World Africa USA (ft. Issue) by Kool AD on 19 (DUM SHINY)
  7. Because of my Eyes by LLLL on MDF02 (Modularfield)
  8. About the Youth (Smoke & Drive) by Nok From the Future on A+ (OE)
  9. Pastel by Meishi Smile on ...Belong (Zoom Lens)
  10. Face Attack by Not Waving on Animals (Diagonal)
  11. Pick & Roll by Bruce Smear on Chlorine (Driftless Recordings)
  12. Stream Four by Pye Corner Audio on Run for the Shadow EP (Lapsus)
  13. Fabric of Space by 1991 on 1991 (Astro:Dynamics)
  14. Contract Killing by DJ ALINA on Maniax (Dream Catalogue)
  15. Softpretty by Doss on Doss (Acephale)
  16. Damaged Merc by M.E.S.H. on Damaged Merc (PAN)
  17. Why'd You by Ellie Herring (Race Car)
  18. Jealousy and Lies by Julian Jonah (Cooltempo)
  19. Time-Demo by Mini Pops on Sparks in a Dark Room (Factory)
  20. Not Moving by Pink Industry on New Naked Technology (Wave Records)
  21. First Day Out The Feds by Gucci Mane