Notes From The Underground 11


  1. Hold My Life by Replacements on Time (Sire)
  2. Flatmates by On My Mind on Shimmer (Subway Organization)
  3. Love Like Murder by Kamala and the Karnivores on Punk Rock 7"s Vol. 1 (Lookout)
  4. Silly by Go Sailor on Go Sailor (Lookout)
  5. Leapfrog by Cub on Betti Cola (Mint)
  6. Panchito Blues II by Peach Kelli Pop on S/T (Burger)
  7. Song For Shelley by No Ditching on Inseperable (Art For Blind)
  8. Cocaine Vouchers by Tough Age on S/T (Mint)
  9. Crimson Wave by Tacocat on NVM (Hardly Art)
  10. Toxic Shock by Intoxicated on Subnormal Girls Vol 1 (Waiting Room)
  11. Crystals by Mugwort on Demo (S/R)
  12. Big Bad Nervous Twitch by Anti-Vibes on Summer Sounds (S/R)
  13. Nice Guy by Chud on S/T (S/R)
  14. Expected Strangers by Fine Young Casuals on The Gates (S/R)
  15. Peer Pressure by Corrupted Morals on Punk Rock 7"s Vol 1 (Lookout)
  16. Murder City Rules by VCR on RIP Sportsboys (S/R)
  17. Still, Forever by Cry Of The Innocent on The Haunting (Pagan)
  18. Kiss Me by Güler on The Salt On Your Face (Akzidanz)
  19. Year 5772 by Cold Beat on Worms / Year 5772 (Crime On The Moon)
  20. The Church by Patience on Night School (S/R)
  21. Got 'Til It's Gone by Janet Jackson on The Velvet Rope (Virgin)
  22. Alot of Things by Try The Pie on Rest (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)
  23. Fortune Teller by Campfires on Fortune Teller (Marmoset)
  24. Where's Bill Grundy Now? by Televisin Personalities on Where's Bill Grundy Now? (Kings Road)
  25. Bad Feeling by Veronica Falls on Bad Feeling (Slumberland)
  26. New Starts In Old Dominion by Bent Shapes on Wolves of Want (Slumberland)
  27. I Go Quiet by Personal Best on I Go Quiet (Specalist Subject)
  28. Made Up In Blue by Bats on Made Up In Blue (Flying Nun)
  29. Have Your Fun by Topics on Have Your Fun (Dream)
  30. What's Wrong With My Baby by Invitations on What's Wrong With My Baby (DynoVoice)
  31. Landslide by Tony Clarke on Landslide (Chess)
  32. Ditch Digger by Pale Angels on Imaginary People (Recess)
  33. The Heat by Post Teens on S/T (No Idea)
  34. Terry Fenwick's Leg Takes Crack by Wat Tyler on Yurp Thing (Lookout)
  35. The Man Who Ran The Town by Hard Skin on Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear (Damaged Goods)
  36. A Song In Which I Convince Myself by House Boat on Thorns Of Life (It's Alive)
  37. Half Naked by Fish Breath on S/T (S/R)
  38. Common Sense by Fussy on Demo (S/R)
  39. Beava Diva by Big Bleach on S/T (S/R)
  40. Splashin' Safari by Splashin' Safari on 2077 Demo (S/R)
  41. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing by A.F.I. on This Is Berkeley Not West Bay (Zafio)
  42. Forces At Work by Feelies on Crazy Rhythms (A&M)