Brock Winstead, Emergency Historical Guest.

@mat couldn't make it, so we had an extended THIS WEEK IN HISTORY with @brockwinstead

Behold, and read along in the 29 Oct 1850 California Daily Alta:

  • This Week in 1850 (The big party for California's admission to the Union!)
  • what is a beer engine? (thanks @jobius!)
  • sea shanties (thanks @lmc!) 
  • vaguely nautical music -- Stan Rogers, Great Big Sea, Drawn Ships.
  • important horse news
  • important tortilla legal news
  • important proto-burrito tortilla history (1877)
  • very important burrito history (1886)


  1. Comin' Home by 2 Lane Blacktop on 2 Lane Blacktop (Linda Perry)
  2. White Riot by The Clash on The Clash (Sony)
  3. Barrett's Privateers by Stan Rogers on Fogarty's Cove (Barn Swallow Records)
  4. Ordinary Day by Great Big Sea on XX (Rounder Records USA)
  5. Glass Eye by Drawn Ships on Low Domestic (Scratch Records)
  6. Breakup Math by Drawn Ship on Ghost Weight (Scratch Records)
  7. Let's Fall in Love by Mother Mother on The Sticks (Last Gang Records)
  8. The Battle of Duck Lake by Portico on First Neighbours (Arts & Crafts)
  9. All I Am Is All You're Not by Sloan on Parallel Play (Murderecords)
  10. Bury Our Friends by Sleater Kinney on No Cities To Love (Sub Pop)
  11. Break
  12. Man Out of Time by Elvis Costello on Imperial Bedroom (Columbia)
  13. Albatross by Fleetwood Mac on Pious Bird of Good Omen (Columbia)