Everyone's talking about the local sportsball team so I made an ALL BAY AREA edition of Radical Dreamers to get you sportsball fans PUMPED!


  1. Body Clench by Diesel Dudes on Body Clench EP (Popgang)
  2. Sittin In Hell by Antwon on End of Earth (Nature World)
  3. Green Ova Diamond by Main Attrakionz on 808s and Dark Grapes 3 (Green Ova)
  4. Earth's Medicine by Lil B on Rain In England (Weird Forest)
  5. Everything Is In Color by Cherushii on Memory of Water (100% Silk)
  6. Augmented by Matrixxman on Homesick (Ghostly International)
  7. Do You Miss Me by Jocelyn Enriquez (Planet Hype)
  8. You (ft. Newbody & Octo Octa) by Magic Touch on Palmero House Gang (100% Silk)
  9. SOMBODI by Witomaker on God Is Alone In Heaven (Popgang)
  10. I Believe It's L by Negativland on Dispepsi (Seeland)
  11. Heavy Wings by Introflirt on Introflirt (Ben Benjamin)
  12. Domingo De Gloria by Chucha Santamaria Y Usted on Chucha Santamaria Y Usted (Young Cubs)
  13. I-5 by Units on History of The Units (Community Library)
  14. Mecanique by Bezier on Enconced (Dark Entries)
  15. What's That Got To Do (With Loving You?) by Los Microwaves on Life After Breakfast (Posh Boy)
  16. Meet You In The Subway by Chrome on Having A Wonderful Time With The Tripods (Dossier)
  17. We Need by Ssleeping Desiress on Ssleeping Desiress (Onderstroom)
  18. Life Is a Gamble by Cellski on The Collection Pt 2 (Inner City)
  19. Dusted N Disgusted (ft. 2Pac, Mac Mall, and Spice 1) by E-40 on In A Major Way (Jive)
  20. Hyphy Juice by The Team on World Premiere (Moe Doe)
  21. 18 Dummy by The Federation (Reprise)
  22. In My Car by The Pack