B-Side Dreams 047 - Local Weird


  1. The Hand Faces Upwards by Kamikaze Palm Tree on The Hand Faces Upwards (Visit http://kamikazepalmtree.bandcamp.com)
  2. Year 5772 by Cold Beat on Worms / Year 5772 - EP
  3. New House in Heaven by Tim Cohen on Magic Trick
  4. Eye On You by Ash Reiter on Oakland (Visit http://bandcampcityguides.bandcamp.com)
  5. SF Apocolypse Pt. 1 by Mayya on Mayya & The Revolutionary Hell Yeah! (Visit http://mayya.bandcamp.com)
  6. Sugar For The Queen by Bells Atlas on Oakland (Visit http://bandcampcityguides.bandcamp.com)
  7. I'm Your Man (Leonard Cohen) by Conspiracy of Venus on Muse Ecology
  8. Break
  9. I Don't Want To Remember You by Smiles (Death Records)
  10. Waste Away by Swiftumz on Everybody Loves Chris (Visit http://meltersmusic.bandcamp.com)
  11. Faster by Violent Change on A Celebration of Taste (Visit http://meltersmusic.bandcamp.com)
  12. Talk by The World on 'Managerial Material' EP (Upset! the Rhythm)
  13. Oh California by Cool Ghouls on EP
  14. A Woman Like You by Anna Hillburg on ANNA HILLBURG (Visit http://annahillburg.bandcamp.com)
  15. She's So Far by The Moore Brothers on California Sister
  16. Rumble by The Traditional Fools on Fools Gold
  17. Older by MANE (Visit http://manesf.bandcamp.com)
  18. in the bleak midwinter by May Oskan (Visit http://mayoskan.bandcamp.com)