Alex, Maria, and Zak from Deadbeat Beat (Detroit) are my guest hosts! They play a bunch of their favorites and we discuss being a teen, MySpace, and a couple of weird parties. We also play some of the longest tracks ever heard on Tuff Sigs and have some of the longest talk breaks.

They have a few shows coming up in Michigan, July 29 at the Elks Lodge in Ann Arbor and July 30 at El Club in Detroit (part of Seraphine Collective's BFF Fest!). Don't miss 'em!

Jess and Lizzy are on summer vacation and will be back to regularly scheduled Tuff Signals in August.


  1. Ma'am (I Like Your Daughter) by Mountains and Rainbows on Particles (Castle Face Records)
  2. Supermarket Scene by Failed Flowers on Failed Flowers (25 Diamonds)
  3. Regret You by Kickstand Band on Cut Em Loose (Self Released)
  4. I Always Know by Growwing Pains (Volar Records)
  5. Summertime Friends by Bonny Doon on Classical Days and Jazzy Nights (Life Like)
  6. Please, Please, Please by Autumn Nicole Wetli on Let's Keep Things Weird (Ginkgo)
  7. I Want to Live on an Abstract Plain by Frank Black on Teenager of the Year (4AD/Elektra)
  8. No Hard Shoulder to Cry On by Julian Cope on Jehovahkill (Island Records)
  9. Water Bearer by Sally Oldfield on Water Bearer (Bronze)
  10. In the Land of Grey & Pink by Caravan on In the Land of Grey & Pink (Decca)
  11. J. Rider by Anonymous on Inside the Shadow (A Major Label)
  12. Round and Down by The Bats on Daddy's HIghway (The Communion Label)
  13. Fuck Her Tears by Times New Viking on Dancer Equired (Matador Records)
  14. Invisible Friend by Saturday Looks Good to Me on One Kiss Ends It All (Polyvinyl)
  15. The Ledge by Fleetwood Mac on Tusk (Warner Bros.)
  16. What Am I Going to Do? by The Dovers (Miramar)
  17. You by Au Pairs (021 Records)
  18. On the Surface by Pere Ubu on Dub Housing (Chrysalis)
  19. Electric Boots by The Slumber Party on 3 (Kill Rock Stars)
  20. Strange Mysterious Sounds by The Spike Drivers (Reprise)
  21. Hey, Who Really Cares by Linda Perhacs on Parallelograms (Kapp Records)
  22. Boyfriend Stays the Same by Heavenly on Heavenly vs. Satan (Sarah Records)
  23. I Need Two Heads by The Go-Betweens (Postcard Records)
  24. Shouting Out Loud by The Raincoats on Odyshape (Rough Trade)
  25. Welcome to the Void by Morgen on Morgen (Probe)
  26. Shouting in a Bucket Blues by Kevin Ayers on Bananamour (Harvest Records)
  27. Only Time Will Tell by Deadbeat Beat on Only Time Will Tell (Gold Tapes)
  28. Mannequin by Deadbeat Beat on When I Talk to You (Gold Tapes)
  29. Then It Hit Me (Live) by Deadbeat Beat on unreleased (Self Released)
  30. Last Week by Deadbeat Beat (Sneaky Eurekas)