The Hanging Garden Radio Show 7/21 w/Guest DJs Unseelie And Sage!


  1. \\WAVE\\ by undertheskin on \\WAVE\\
  2. Black God by All Your Sisters on Uncomfortable Skin
  3. Wild World by Days Of Sorrow on A Thousand Faces
  4. Ghosts Can't Run Away by Foreign Affair on East On Fire
  5. Advent by Dead Can Dance on Spleen And Ideal
  6. No by Azar Swan on Dance Before The War
  7. SOS by Portishead on High-Rise (OST)
  8. My Black Faith by Of The Wand & The Moon on Sonnenheim
  9. Kings by Chelsea Wolfe on Pain Is Beauty
  10. Dead City Emily by Marissa Nadler on July
  11. Gimme Shelter by The Sisters Of Mercy
  12. Myrrh by The Church on Heyday
  13. Apollo by Sudden Afternoon on Industry & Nature
  14. Seraphin Twin by Into A Circle on Assassins
  15. Frosty Nights by Moral on Whispering Sons
  16. Drama by Ash Code on Oblivion
  17. Burnished Bronze by Labyrinth Ear on The Orchid Room
  18. Redlights by Salem on King Night
  19. I Can't Stand by Zola Jesus on Stridulum
  20. Sunday Love by Bat For Lashes on The Bride
  21. Manchmal by Xmal Deutschland on Viva