Radical Dreamers 2.13.2017


  1. Dust of Fallen Rome by Youth Code on Commitment to Complication (Dais)
  2. Love Lite by Gloomcvlt on Grind Tite
  3. Broccoli (ft. Lil Yachty) by D.R.A.M. (#1EpicCheck)
  4. Double My Cup by DJ Smokey on Smoked Out Dance Party
  5. Pussy Print (Ft. Kanye West) by Gucci Mane on Everybody Looking (Atlantic)
  6. MUH-D by TTY on 3.30 EP (Good Years)
  7. Gods In Heat by Tobacco (Ghostly International)
  8. Dépassée par le fantasme by Essaie Pas on Demain est une autre nuit (DFA)
  9. Party Machine by Bruce Haack on Haackula (Telephone Explosion)
  10. Dust by M|O|O|N on Particles
  11. Airy (feat. Kelela) by Obey City on Merlot Sounds (LuckyMe)
  12. Exit by Tangerine Dream on Exit (Elektra)
  13. I Was Yours by Airbird on I Was Yours (Driftless)
  14. Crybaby by Abra on Princess (True Panther Sounds)
  15. Paint it Blue by Dawn Richard on Infared (Fade to Mind)
  16. Pineapple Crush by Lone (Cheaper Thrills)
  17. Cindy Savalas by Palmbomen II on Palmbomen II (Beats in Space)
  18. Sentiment by Better Person on It's Only You (MAMI)
  19. The Skyline Flowers by Capo Blanco on This is Heavy Disco vol. 2 (MofoHifi)
  20. Lost Dreams by Infinity Frequencies on Shrines (AMDISCS)
  21. Moonlight by Surfing on Deep Fantasy (Airlines)
  22. Market Collapse by James Ferraro on Human Story 3
  23. Lumine by Bansheebeat on Lumine (Galaxy Swim Team)
  24. Saturday Love Sunday by Soichi Terada on Sounds from the Far East (Rush Hour)