B-Side Dreams 053 - More Vinyl Bloopers


  1. Teenage Years by Sui Zhen on Secretly Susan (Visit http://suizhen.bandcamp.com)
  2. Heavy Balloon by Tele Novella on House of Souls
  3. Coke Floats by Failed Flowers on Failed Flowers (Visit http://failedflowers.bandcamp.com)
  4. The Americans by Saturday Looks Good To Me on Fill Up The Room
  5. Like Dino by China the band on Pool of Tears (Visit http://chinatheband.bandcamp.com)
  6. Things To Do by The Skyflakes on Calling In Sick
  7. Alter Ego by Sui Zhen on Secretly Susan (Visit http://suizhen.bandcamp.com)
  8. Don't Be A Stranger by Tele Novella on Cosmic Dial Tone
  9. Medication by sonny smith
  10. The Golden Band by The American Analog Set on The Golden Band
  11. Willis by Sea of Bees on Songs for the Ravens
  12. Uncle Greg 2 by Terry on Terry HQ
  13. Dont Worry About the Government by Talking Heads on Talking Heads '77 (Sire)
  14. Khil Wa Khalileh (A Man and a Woman) by Unknown on Choubi Choubi! (Sublime Frequencies)
  15. Ya Makhthat Al Welif (Oh, Those Who Take My Love) by Adiba Azezine on Choubi Choubi (Sublime Frequencies)
  16. A Rosy Bath by Porest on Modern Journal of Popular Savagery
  17. Love My Life by Wells Fargo on Watch Out! (Now Again/Vinyl Me, Please)