Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-08-01)

New Horseback record is like !!! also definitely check out this Channeling dude.


  1. Hair Falling Out by Channeling on Channeling (Illuminated Paths)
  2. All The Wingless Angels by Joel Roston on All The Wingless Angels (self released)
  3. Domain Of The Crows (Exploration) by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan & Pantayo on Severed (YTST Labs)
  4. The Need Of Want by Ryan Huber on The Need Of Want (self released)
  5. In And Out Of Form by Horseback on Dead Ringers (Relapse)
  6. Halcyon by Siavash Amini & Matt Finney on Familial Rot (Umor Rex)
  7. Youth by Alexandre Bazin on Full Moon (Umor Rex)
  8. Rime by Maar on Absolute Delay (Umor Rex)
  9. The Space Between Twins by Brett Naucke on Executable Dreamtime (Umor Rex)
  10. Ever-Widening Circles by Long Is The Walk on Spirits + Ghosts (self released)
  11. Charona by Michael Hurley on Bad Mr. Mike (Mississippi)
  12. Anointing Oil by Twilight Fauna on Fire Of The Spirit (self released)