Tuff Signals - Episode 51


  1. I am an Observer by Sex Crime (Jonny Car Records)
  2. Contagious by Happy Fangs on Capricorn (Self-Released)
  3. Humans March / Let's Die by Zig Zags on Human Soundtrack (Chrome Banana Records)
  4. You Move Too Slow, You Move Too Fast by Santoros on Animals (Self Produced)
  5. Sewer by Baby Ghosts (Dirty Provo)
  6. Mars Attacks by The Courtneys on Mars Attacks (Hockey Dad Records)
  7. Talk about it by Failed Flowers on Demo 2014 (Self Produced)
  8. On a Whim by Heaters on Solstics (Dizzybird)
  9. Pollen by Blind Shake on Breakfast of Failures (Goner)
  10. Waffles by HSY on HSY (Buzz Records)
  11. The Bus by Blizzard Babaes on Seraphine collective (self produced)
  12. Sour Kraut by Slow Walker on Slow Walker (Howl Street Recordings)
  13. Hateful by Needles//Pins on Low Culture / Needles//Pins Split (Dirtnap Records)
  14. Reservations by Low Culture on Low Culture / Needles//Pins Split (Dirtnap Records)
  15. The Crawler by Ty Segall on Manipulator (Drag City)
  16. Stranger on the Highway by Skinny Kids on Strangers (Self Produced)
  17. Better Times by Jesus Sons (Mock Records)
  18. What A Dream I Had by Cool Ghouls on A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye (Empty Cellar Records)
  19. Yum Yum by Strawberry Jacuzzi on Love is for Suckers (Self Produced)
  20. Double Dribble by MAMA on Loud Loop Press Comp (Self Produced)
  21. Miss You by The West (Tall Pat Recordings)
  22. Piling Out by Son of a Gun on No Bread (Tall Pat Recordings)
  23. Creeping Quilt by Solid Attitude on Dash-Ex b/w Creeping Quilt (Sweet Rot Records)
  24. Chew-Z by Joust on Demos (Self Produced)
  25. Leather Jacket in the Heat by Piss Test (Taken By Surprise Records)
  26. Fun Spot by Audacity on Japan EP (Recess Records)
  27. Rock'N'Roll Don't Pay My Bills by Cumstain (Burger)
  28. Connection by King Tuff on Was Dead (Burger Records)
  29. Sacajawea by Stickers (End of Time Records)
  30. Black Gold by Joel Jerome on Psychedelic Thriftstore Folk (Manimal)
  31. Hoodwink by The Beverly's (Buzz Records)
  32. It's Not Real by The Greenhornes on Dual Mono (Telstar Records)
  33. Salmon Sundae by Bike Cops on Close Cover Strike Gently (Jurassic Pop)
  34. Blue Sky Blondes by The Shakin' Babies on Stoked Casual (MJMJ Records)
  35. Best Friend by Rebel Kind on Today (Urinalcake Records)