The Hanging Garden Radio Show 8/18 feat. spotlights on The Razor Skyline and Strap On Halo!


  1. Louise by Clan Of Xymox on Medusa
  2. Lips Like Sugar by Echo and The Bunnymen on Songs To Learn & Sing
  3. The Boy Racer by Morrissey on Southpaw Grammer
  4. Damaged Goods by Gang Of Four on Entertainment!
  5. Atomic Bongos by Lydia Lunch on Queen Of Siam
  6. Queen Of Heaven by The Razor Skyline on Journal Of Trauma
  7. Circle The Stars by The Razor Skyline on Fade And Sustain
  8. Sahara by The Razor Skyline on Dark Water Oasis
  9. Gloomy Sunday by Strap On Halo
  10. Lenore by Strap On Halo on Prayers For The Living
  11. Perish by Strap On Halo on Altar Of Interim
  12. Beneath The Skin by Collide on Beneath The Skin
  13. Towers by Ari Mason on Creatures
  14. Duende by Delerium on Karma
  15. Eye Of The Needle by Shiv-R on Wax Wings Will Burn