Make It Funky - 404 - 8/31/16


  1. Aburoy by TEK.LUN
  2. Melanin Man (feat. Masego) by Brasstracks on Good Love
  3. Am I Wrong (Sammy Bannana's Bootleg) by Anderson Paak
  4. Go Fuck Yourself by Two Feet on First Steps EP (Majestic Casual)
  5. Molases by Kan Wakan
  6. Seventeen by Sjowgren on Seventeen (Self Released)
  7. The Way It Was by Coast Modern
  8. About You by Colouring
  9. Hear Me by Bronze Whale
  10. Slop by Forth Wanderers on Slop EP (Father/Daughter Records)
  11. Before I Go feat. Leo Napier by Griz
  12. Homage by Mild High Club
  13. Can't Hide (feat. Ashe) by Whethan
  14. Polygon Forest by Corbu
  15. Quick Musical Doodles & Sex by Two Feet
  16. Stanley feat. Tommellie & WoodzSTHLM by Jerry Folk
  17. Someone New (Roosevelt Remix) by Kakkmaddafakka
  18. After The Gold Rush by MIYNT on Ep No 1 (B3SCI)
  19. Borrowed Lives (feat. NVDES) by Pierce Fulton
  20. Good Together by Honne