1. Long Hot Summer by Style Council, The on Introducing The Style Council
  2. Your Type by Natalie Tate
  3. Lihue by Nohelani Cypriano
  4. La fille qui rit by Première Classe
  5. Rock Monsieur by Christophe on Belle
  6. It's So Different Here by Rachel Sweet on 12
  7. Shinzo No Tobira by Mariah on (1983)
  8. The Letting Go by Natalie Tate
  9. turn of the century by Beat Rhythm Fashion on Bring Real Freedom
  10. Mr. Wong - Toby T Edit by Bella Vista
  11. Disco Danser by Zig Zag on Zig Zag
  12. You Are What You Can't by Natalie Tate
  13. Kanashikute Yarikire Nai by Akiko Yano on Ai Ga Nakucha Ne
  14. Don't You Know by Jan Hammer Group on Melodies