Death Metal!


  1. The IVth Crusade by Bolt Thrower on The IVth Crusade (Relativity/Earache)
  2. Slowly We Rot by Obituary on Slowly We Rot (Roadrunner)
  3. Flamethrower by Gatecreeper on Sonoran Depravation (Relapse)
  4. Mythic Silence/As They Wander In The Mist by Sentenced on Journey To Pohjola
  5. Unholy Massacre by Incantation on Onward To Golgotha (Relapse)
  6. Triumph Of Death by Hellhammer on Apocalyptic Raids (Noise)
  7. Chapel Of Ghouls by Morbid Angel on Altars Of Madness (Earache)
  8. Hopeless Distance (Impoverished) by Innumerable Forms on Frozen To Death
  9. Left Hand Path by Entombed on Left Hand Path (Earache)
  10. Holy Hell by Possessed on Seven Churches (Combat)
  11. Last One On Earth by Asphyx on Last One On Earth (Century Media)
  12. In Death's Sleep by Dismember on Like An Ever Flowing Stream (Nuclear Blast)
  13. Baptized In Blood by Death on Scream Bloody Gore (Combat Records)
  14. As The World Burns by Bolt Thrower on The IVth Crusade (Relativity/Earache)
  15. Dawn Of Meggido by Cetic Frost on To Mega Therion (Combat Records)