6Degrees of Women Rockin'

We took the first half of the show to explore my 6 Degrees of Women Rockin' project, in which I attempt to map out the relationships between women rockers in the underground punk and indie rock scenes. There's lots of Riot Grrl history there, and a ton of Kill Rock Stars recordings!

6 Degrees of Women Rockin' v1.0 - Cracked Machine 11-21-2014 by Cracked Machine on Mixcloud


  1. Future Crimes by Wild Flag on Wild Flag (Merge)
  2. I'll Take You Down by Autoclave on Autoclave (Dischord)
  3. Watchmaker by Excuse 17 on Such Friends Are Dangerous (Kill Rock Stars)
  4. Nothing Can Stop Me by Heavens to Betsy on Calculated (Kill Rock Stars)
  5. Burn, Don't Freeze by Sleater-Kinney on The Hot Rock (Sub Pop)
  6. New Radio by Bikini Kill on New Radio (Kill Rock Stars)
  7. Dr. Suess by Autoclave on Teenbeat 50 (Matador)
  8. Western Union Desperate by Mary Lou Lord on Western Union Deserate (Kill Rock Stars)
  9. XXX by Helium on Pirate Prude (Matador)
  10. Dragonfly Pie by Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks on Real Emotional Trash (Matador)
  11. Corpse Pose by Unwound on Repetition (Kill Rock Stars)
  12. Powerman by Hungry Ghost on Hungry Ghost
  13. Super Crush by Tigertrap on Tigertrap (K)
  14. Die by Bratmobile on The Real Janelle (Kill Rock Stars)
  15. Groundhog Day by Corinne Tucker Band on Groundhog Day (Kill Rock Stars)
  16. She's Amazing by Team Dresch on Personal Best (Candy Ass Records)
  17. Waterfall by Ex Hex on Rips (Merge)
  18. Erreur Humaine by PAWS on Youth Culture Forever (Fat Cat)
  19. Flight 96 by Chavez on Ride The Fader (Matador)
  20. Sexual Frustration by Brainiac on Bonsai Superstar (Grass)
  21. Cheap Extensions by Sonny & the Sunsets on Talent Night at the Ashram (Polyvinyl)
  22. Competition by The Dodos on Individ (Polyvinyl Records)
  23. Come Over by Vladimir on FatCat Records Demo (FatCat)
  24. Fall Forever by Honeyblood on Honeyblood (Fat Cat Records)
  25. Bad Friends by The Bots on Pink Palms (Fader)
  26. Mousetrap by Ride on Going Blank Again (Creation Records)
  27. Settled by Prawn on Settled (Topshelf Records)
  28. Hold Open My Head by Nai Harvest on Hold Open My Head (Topshelf Records)