Cold Front


  1. Only to Trip and Fall Down Again by Katie Dey on Flood Network (Joy Void)
  2. Ascension by RYAN Playground on Elle
  3. Gasoline (Lusine Remix) by Votiv
  4. Air (Instrumental) by Jam City
  5. The Shakes by w. baer on Wait a minute...who am i here? (Hush Hush Records)
  6. Zeta Reticuli by POLO & brothel
  7. Why Didn't You Save Me (Dave Harrington Remix Feat. Tamara) by Nicolas Jaar
  8. I Am (CVRL Remix) by To.
  9. Wondering by Xiu Xiu on Forget (Polyvinyl Records)
  10. You Never Knew (IMAGIST Hate/Love Remix) by Negative Gemini
  11. One by Weval on Easier (Kompakt)
  12. Hope In A Box by Tomas Barfod on Glory (Friends of Friends)
  13. Saint Claude (Tourist Remix) by Christine and the Queens
  14. Talk 2 Me by TĀLĀ (Columbia)
  15. Fallen by Tomas Barfod
  16. Tosch (ft. Piper Davis) by andhim on Tosch EP (Superfriends Records)
  17. Air Pacific by Urulu on Air Pacific (CASCINE)
  18. And The Stone Of Heart by Kalipo
  19. Till I Die by Ana Caprix on M6 Ultra
  20. Heart It Races (Architecture in Helsinki) by Pillar Point on Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl (Polyvinyl Records)
  21. Settle by William Arcane on Hourglass
  22. Kerala by bonobo on Migration (Ninja Tune)
  23. No Us by Karman on Heaven Complex EP
  24. Utopia (Ikonika Remix) by Austra on Future Politics (Domino)
  25. Flay by Karman on Heaven Complex EP
  26. Just Cause (ft. Deebs) by Different Sleep (Friends of Friends)
  27. Commas (ft. Adamn Killa) by Ryan Hemsworth (Secret Songs)
  28. So Long feat. Secaina Hudson by Bearcubs on Chroma EP (All Points)
  29. Cold Front by Karman
  30. DRUGS EXIST (Pictureplane remix) by HEALTH
  31. Femen by Crystal Castles on Amnesty (I) (Fiction Records)