subdwellers 15


  1. butterfly by Herbie Hancock on Thrust (Columbia Records)
  2. crystal by weather report on i sing the body electric (epic)
  3. spray by can on future days (united artists)
  4. the outer darkness part 1 by sun ra on the outer darkness (el saturn)
  5. you haunt me by lounge lizards on lounge lizards (strange and beautiful)
  6. Nubian Lady by Yusef Lateef on The Gentle Giant (Atlantic)
  7. Auset vs Mary or Lilith by Ras G on the gospel of the godspell (haplos)
  8. do the wrong thing by lounge lizards on lounge lizards (strange and beautiful)
  9. Big Fun/Holly-wuud (take 3) by Miles Davis on on the corner sessions (columbia)
  10. alifib by robert wyatt on rock bottom (international artists)
  11. nectarine (jeans wilder remix) by raw moans on raw moans (pure silk)
  12. The Lady Racheal (Extended Version) by Kevin Ayers on joy of a toy (parlaphone)
  13. apple juice break by charisma and peanut butter wolf on big shots (stones throw)
  14. im at home/the artichoke that loved me by cleaners from venus on blow away your troubles (parlaphone)
  15. the bridge by sun ra on singles (el saturn)
  16. shark fucks intro by the tronics on whats the hubub bub? (milady)
  17. The Shark Fucks by Tronics on What's Your Rapture (Big Cartel)
  18. charlie manson by tronics on love backed by force (rupture)
  19. dirt by the stooges on fun house (elektra)