The Hanging Garden Radio Show Minimal Synth/Cold Wave Episode 12/20 w/Davey Bones!


  1. Is There An Exit? by Absolute Body Control
  2. Spectators Of Life by The Names
  3. Cannibal Dolls by Land Of Giants
  4. Grey Skies by Turquoise Days
  5. Game & Performance by Deux
  6. Find The Time by Lung Overcoat on unknown (mid 80s)
  7. Vulcani by Carmody on Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987
  8. Flying Turns by Crash Course In Science on Signals From Pier 13 EP
  9. Devil's Dancers by Oppenheimer Analysis on New Mexico
  10. Julia by Asylum Party
  11. Operator by Tres
  12. Night In June by Linear Movement on ?
  13. Cadavres Exquis (Howard Song) by Little Nemo on Turquoise Fields
  14. Underpass (Extended Version) by John Foxx on Metamatic
  15. The Fashion Party by The Neon Judgement
  16. The Devil's Answer by Stereo on Somewhere In The Night (Compilation)
  17. Toundra by Clair Obscur
  18. Inside Out by Martin Dupont on Hot Paradox
  19. Synthesize by Autumn
  20. Video Boys by Circuit 7
  21. Direct Lines by The Electronic Circus
  22. One Moment It Will Last by Nine Circles on The Early Days
  23. Polaroid/Roman/Photo by Ruth
  24. Los Ninos Del Parque by Liaisons Dagereuses