Under the Atlantic #31


  1. It Makes the Babies Cry by George Clanton on 100% Electronica (100% Electronica)
  2. Don't Want To Change Your Mind (feat. Ollie Wride) by FM-84 on `
  3. Don't Talk About You by Geowulf on Don't Talk About You (37 Adventures)
  4. Saltwater by Geowulf on Odd Numbers Vol 1 (37 Adventures)
  5. Break
  6. He Lied About Death by Stars on Set Yourself on Fire (Arts & Crafts)
  7. Katie by Shampoo on `
  8. Do You Realize? (The Flaming Lips Cover) by Ursine Vulpine on `
  9. Freeway by Tolman on `
  10. Blame by Mount Saint on `
  11. Obscene Dream (Lindenfield Remix) by Sego on `
  12. Somewhere (feat. Fishdoll) by Soft Glas on `
  13. Rhythm of Devotion by Sisyphus
  14. Night (Cut the Crap) by Étienne de Crécy on `
  15. Francisco the Man by Progress on `
  16. Habit by Snail Mail on `
  17. Old Friends by Pinegrove on Cardinal (Run For Cover)
  18. Atomic Numbers by Neko Case, K.D. Lang and Laura Veirs on Best Kept Secret (Anti)
  19. Picturing Love by July Talk on `
  20. Cas(s)eopia by Jherek Bischoff on Cistern (The Leaf Label)