1.21 gigawatts - 1994 Episode 12

This week we deep dive into the honourable Mr Ben Ward's 1994. While I'm sure both of us would have liked to hang out at the Good mixer in Camden we were unfortunately 10 and 12 at the time.

You can hear more of Ben over on his excellent BFF show Eclectic kettle.


  1. Loser by Beck on Loser (Geffen)
  2. The Trickster by Radiohead on My Iron Lung (XL Recordings)
  3. Grace by Jeff Buckley on Grace (Sony Music Entertainment)
  4. Supersonic by Oasis on Definitely Maybe (Big Brother Recordings)
  5. Basket case by Green Day on Dookie (Reprise records)
  6. Say it ain’t so by Weezer on Weezer (DGC)
  7. Roads by Portishead on Dummy (Go! Discs)
  8. Protection by Massive attack on Protection (Virgin records)
  9. This is a low by Blur on Parklife (Parlophone Records)