Open Buffet #3


  1. Serotonin by Post Life on Living Can Wait
  2. Mr. Sun by Tomorrows Tulios on Experimental Jelly
  3. She Dropped Out Of College by Emotional on It's Emotional Baby
  4. Honkin' Down The Highway by Beach Boys on Love You (-)
  5. Younger Than Yesterday by Real Estate on Reality (Mexican Summer)
  6. Good Gods by Quichenight on -_
  7. Just Another Whistle Stop by The Band on Stage Fright
  8. To Be Alone With You by Bob Dylan on Nashville Skyline
  9. Silver Threads and Golden Needles by Wanda Jackson
  10. what ya gonna do by New Riders of The Purple Sage on New Riders of The Purple Sage
  11. Ramble Tamble by Creedence Clearwater Revival on Cosmo's Factory (Fantasy)
  12. Uncle Johns Band> He Was A Friend of Mine by Grateful Dead on Dave's Picks Vol. 10 - Thelma, (Rhino)
  13. Stealin by Arlo Guthrie on Running Down The Road
  14. Copper Mines by Mothers on When You Walk A
  15. Come All Ye' Faithful by The Cowboys on Self Titled
  16. What Would You Do by Steppenwolf on Monster
  17. Johnny Strikes UP the band by Warren Zevon on Excitable boy
  18. Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits
  19. 805 by Moby Grape on Moby Grape
  20. Heart Of Stone by Rolling STones on High tides and green grass
  21. Intellect by Nikolas Escudero
  22. Mona by Quicksilver Messenger Service on Happy Trails
  23. Bagel Breath by Horse Jumper of Love on Horse Jumper of Love
  24. Girlfren by Modern Lovers on The Original Modern Lovers
  25. Homeshake by TV Volume on Fresh Air
  26. Razor boy by Steely Dan on Countdown To Ecstasy (ABC Records)
  27. Demo by Healer on Demo (Smoking Room)
  28. Ridin in my car by Natural Child on Live in Birmingham (Shed House Records)
  29. Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man) by Merle Haggard