Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2017-02-06)

Too much excellence in this episode it's almost not even possible. Bookended with new Emptyset and Second Woman jams with new Sutekh Hexen improv black noise and also a new Scuba Death record (!???!), then there's the twisted brilliance of Fire-Toolz, I mean honestly this episode is fuckin stacked.


  1. Axis by Emptyset on Borders (Thrill Jockey)
  2. To See My Hatred Clearly by Fire-Toolz on Drip Mental (Hausu Mountain)
  3. Cracks In The Shield by Scuba Death on The Worm At The Core (Further)
  4. Phoenicia by Travis Trevisan on Slug (Land Animal Tapes / Nineteen98)
  5. Still I Will Be Merry by Richard Osborn on Endless (Tompkins Square)
  6. Blue Mountain by The Necks on Unfold (Ideologic Organ)
  7. Apocryphal Blues by No UFOs on NU LP For RS (Root Strata)
  8. Visitor by Sutekh Hexen on Salem (GreySun / St. Roch)
  9. ANARAK II by Kay Hill on ANARAK (Invisible City)
  10. White Rose by Moon Duo on Occult Architecture Vol. i (Sacred Bones)
  11. Cannot Explain It by José Silva on Modulated Tones No. 1: Music For Framed Works (Whitelabrecs)
  12. Things I Recall by Brian John MCBrearty on Blue Twenty-Three (Blue Tapes)
  13. Great Mind Of Fire by Joachim Nordwall on The Ideal Black (Ideal)
  14. I E/P by Second Woman on E/P (Spectrum Spools)