@Jon_Digital Season 4 - Episode 05

More new music to guide you through the glooming.


  1. I Don't Want To Miss You by Twin Peaks on I Don't Want To Miss You (Communion)
  2. Untitled by Charles Noel / Archetype on The Transformation (Indigo Aera)
  3. Down by Orlando Voorn on Spirit To Spirit (Snail Juice Records)
  4. Binary Bump by Rick Hirst on Ouch! 002 (Ouch!)
  5. Kalpabriksha by Eduardo De La Calle on Singing Of Liberation (Blackwater Label)
  6. My Beat, My Dance (Dub Mix) by James Curd on My Beat, My Dance (Pintea Beat)
  7. Final Credits by Midland on Final Credits (Retrograde)
  8. Brian Eno by Reflection on Reflection (Warp Records)
  9. Mi Destino by TÂCHES on Mi Destino (Majestic Casual Records)
  10. Trust by Reinhard Voight on Kontraste (Kompakt)
  11. Creepin' In by Vin Sol on Creepin' In EP (Nonplus Records)
  12. Aleae III by Arandel on Aleae III (InFine)