Galactic Good Feel #24


  1. He Keeps You by Boscoe on Boscoe (Numero)
  2. Yesterday's Visions by Pieces of Peace on Pieces of Peace (Willie Woods)
  3. What My Last Girl Put Me Through by Mike James Kirkland
  4. Beatin' Tha Breaks- Fouk Remix by Magic In Threes on Magic In Threes (G.E.D Soul)
  5. In The Summer Time by Michael Henderson
  6. Yemmpa Aba by Ata Kak on Obaa Sima (Awesome Tapes)
  7. Horoscope by Suzanne Kraft on Horoscope (Young Adults Recordings)
  8. Let's Straighten It Out by O.V. Wright on The Bottom Line (Hi Records)
  9. Sadeo by Izem on Hafa
  10. Why Can't We Live Together by Timmy Thomas on Why Can't We Live (RHINO)
  11. Bound by Ponderson Twins on RHYTHM AND SOUL
  12. Droga Za Widnokres by Marek Gretchuta on Droga Za Widnokres (Polskie Nagrania)
  13. un homme et une femme by Black Mustangs on Em Embrasa (Highway)
  14. Im Glad by Captain Beefheart on Safe As Milk (Buddha Productions)
  15. Requiem Por Un Con by Serge Gainsbourg on Seleciones de cinema de Gainsbourg (Smoke Disque)
  16. Easy Living by Billie Holiday
  17. Je T'aime Moi Non Plus by The Traces on Thai Beat A Go-Go (Subliminal SOunds)
  18. I wish I wish by Froogy's Groovies on -- ()__)
  19. Goteem! by Mndsgn
  20. Curls by Madvillain on Madvillainy (MF DOOM)
  21. Love by The Black Conspiracators on Loving On The Flipside (Now AGain)
  22. Around The Town by Gino Washington
  23. Il CIelo In Una Stanza by Mina on Il CIelo In UNa Stanza
  24. Follow the Leader by Velvet Underground on Quine Tapes (UNiversal)