1. Passengers by Scarves on Mall Goths (Self-released)
  2. Red Elephant by Sunny Day Real Estate on LP2 (Sub Pop)
  3. Learn by Sam Skinner on Danny Through Junior (Soft Speak)
  4. Sun Beholds Me by Hand Habits on Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) (Woodsist)
  5. Always Running by Sloppy Heads on Useless Smile (Shrimper)
  6. Bondi's Dead by Lower Plenty on Sister Sister (Bedroom Suck)
  7. I Was Born To Sing Sad Songs by Agent Ribbons on Chateau Crone (Antenna Farm)
  8. On The Move And Vanishing by Brokeback on Illinois River Valley Blues (Thrill Jockey)
  9. High Rise Elemental by Novella on Change Of State (Sinderlyn)
  10. Telescope by Vanishing Twin on Choose Your Own Adventure (Soundway)
  11. Backpages by The Proper Ornaments on Foxhole (Slumberland)
  12. Party Pooper by Small World Experience (Tenth Court)
  13. 62 Moons by Cold Beat on Chaos By Invitation (Crime On The Moon)
  14. Reactionary by Fred Thomas on Changer (Polyvinyl)
  15. Work It Out by Totally Mild on Down Time (Bedroom Suck)
  16. Poison Arrow by Point Juncture, WA on Me Or The Party (Party Damage)
  17. Whenever You See Fit by Modest Mouse and 764-HERO on Whenever You See Fit (Suicide Squeeze)
  18. Still Waking Up by Tim Darcy on Saturday Night (Jagjaguwar)
  19. You Must Be Out of Your Mind by The Magnetic Fields on Realism (Nonesuch)
  20. You by Stef Chura on Messes (Urinal Cake)
  21. Tomorrow by The Seams on Meet The Seams (Hand Drawn Dracula)
  22. No Light by Meat Wave on The Incessant (Big Scary Monsters)
  23. The Progress Chart by The Natural History on The Natural History (Startime International)
  24. Internal World by Cloud Nothings on Life Without Sound (Carpark)
  25. CR-VUC by Snowball II on Flashes of Quincy (Independent/Doughnut)
  26. French Press by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever on Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (Sub Pop)