Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2017-02-27)

Finally got that new Planning For Burial and it's probably the best work he's ever done. Also got the new Umor Rex tape batch, a crazy cool collab between Gustafsson & Nordwall, and a solo percussion record (Lobo) which I am always into.


  1. Hatching 2a by Missing Organs on Old Speakers (Umor Rex)
  2. The Final Myth by Terence Hannum on Impiety (Umor Rex)
  3. Fishing With John by Thé Déluge on Forest Structures (Umor Rex)
  4. Where Time Would Surely Forget Us by Little Bird on Time & Sorrow (self released)
  5. A Map Of Guilt by Mats Gustafsson & Joachim Nordwall on A Map Of Guilt (Bocian)
  6. Open Door by Coastal Miner on Coastal Miner III (self released)
  7. Somewhere In The Evening by Planning For Burial on Below The House (The Flenser)
  8. Sleep Dep.Loop2 by Peter Bjärgö on Animus Retinentia (Cyclic Law)
  9. Mynah by João Lobo on Nowruz (Three Four)
  10. To Bloom, To Wither by Sundaug on To Bloom, To Wither (self released)
  11. Come Around by Ana & Ina on On Dockweiler Beach (Constellation Tatsu)
  12. Culture Of Ethical Failure by Dave Phillips on Rise (Ideal)