December 3rd 2014


  1. Distant Ties by Froth on Saccharine Sunshine 7 (Self Produced)
  2. Go To Sleep by Phosphene on Phosphene (Phosphene)
  3. Break
  4. Energy by Slowness on For Those Who Wish To See The Glass Half Full (Self-Released)
  5. Break
  6. Joe Murder by Cass McCombs on Big Wheel and Others (Domino)
  7. Whenever by Happy Diving on Big World (Father/Daughter)
  8. Right On by Michael & The Strange Land on Strange Land EP II
  9. Soft Disease by Rich Girls on Fiver (Breakup Records)
  10. Truth Serum by Sunbeam Rd. (It's Just Great)
  11. Stars by Angel Olsen on Burn Your Fire For No Witness (Jagjaguwar)
  12. Born To Lose by Jack Name on Light Show (Drag City)
  13. Ecophobia by Icky Boyfriends on Live In San Francisco (Castle Face)
  14. Outside Looking In by Face The Rail on Learning To Die LP (Katorga Works)
  15. Black Spring by Total Control on Typical System (Iron Lung Records)
  16. Beast by Replica on Beast EP (self-released)
  17. Calloused by Volatile Substance on Emergency Exit (self-released)
  18. Sharp When You're Bummed by Life Stinks on Life Stinks (S.S. Records)
  19. Body/Rays by Agata on Agata LP (self-released)
  20. Untitled Evil by Ribzy (Vinehell Records)
  21. Walls That Breathe by ABSTRACTER on Tomb of Feathers (The Path Less Traveled Records)
  22. The Abyss by Necrot on The Abyss
  23. Stuck by Creepers on Lush (All Black Recording Company)
  24. The Crystal Mountain by Cannabis Corpse on From Wisdom to Baked (Season of Mist)
  25. Steal The Light by CCR Headcleaner on Lace The Earth With Arm Wide Open (Pizza Burglar)
  26. Fatal Bond by Cold Beat on Over Me (Crime On The Moon)
  27. Don't Talk About It by Vexx on Vexx (Katorga Works)
  28. Lonely Psalm by Shadowhouse on Haunted