Creep Magnet #18


  1. Heroes by Nico on Drama of Exile
  2. Super Sadist by Jack off Jill on Sexless Demons and Scars (Risk Records)
  3. Blow Yr Mind by be your own PET on Get Damaged
  4. Doe by The Breeders on Pod (4AD)
  5. Dedicated by The Amps on Pacer (4AD)
  6. Ganadaramabasa by Kim Jung Mi on Now (Light in the Attic Records)
  7. La Gran Ciudad by Elia y Elizabeth on La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth (Distrolux)
  8. Tell Him by The Drew-Vels on Workin' On A Groovy Thing... The Best Of (EMI)
  9. The Touch of You by Brenda, The Tabulations on The Top and Bottom Records Singles Collection 1969-1971 (Jamie Record Co.)
  10. Sunday Morning by Margo Guryan on 25 Demos
  11. Cactus Dream by Sugar Candy Mountain on Mystic Hits (Sugar Candy Mountain)
  12. Voritcal Phonotheque by Stereolab on Chemical Chords (4AD)
  13. Results by Blanche Blanche Blanche on Wink With Both Eyes
  14. Detroit Baby by Habibi on Habibi (BURGER RECORDS)
  15. Too Dark by Frankie Cosmos on Next Thing (Bayonet Records)
  16. You're Going to Cry by La Sera on La Sera (Hardly Art)
  17. The Waves by Tamaryn on The Waves (Mexican Summer)
  18. Utopia by King Woman on Utopia (Relapse Records)
  19. Troll by Thorr's Hammer on Dommedagsnatt (Southern Lord)