B-Side Dreams - 081 Mirror


  1. Young Narrator in the Breakers by Pavo Pavo on Young Narrator in the Breakers (Bella Union)
  2. I'll Be Your Mirror by Rainy Day on Rainy Day (Llama/Rough Trade (1984))
  3. Becoming Shadows by Stef on Messes (Urinal Cake (2017))
  4. Mirror by Cold Beat on Over Me (Crime on the Moon (2014))
  5. Tuesdays by Air Waves
  6. Please Don't Ruin This For Me by Tennis on Yours Conditionally (Mutually Detrimental 2017)
  7. She's a Mirror by Eleanor Friedberger on Personal Record (Merge 2013)
  8. Mirror of Past & Future by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on A Year With 13 Moons (Mexican Summer 2014)
  9. Mountain Dew by Pleasure Systems on Lowland Sigh (Reflective Tapes 2017)
  10. Voice by Sacred Paws on Strike a Match (Rock Action Records 2017)
  11. Under the Mirror by Plan to Pink on Debutante Ball (Extra Small)
  12. You Can't Hide by Bonny Doon on Bonny Doon (Salinas 2017)
  13. You Lift Me Up by Deadbeat Beat (NA 2017)
  14. Don't Stare by Heavy Pockets on Reflective Tapes Spring Sampler (Reflective Tapes 2016)
  15. Social Anxiety by The Courtneys on The Courtneys (Hockey Dad 2013)
  16. Broken Mirror by Neo Boys on Sooner or Later Vol 1 (Visit http://neoboys.bandcamp.com)
  17. Carpathia by Tele Novella on House of Souls (Yellow Year Records 2016)
  18. Cushioned Caging by Palehound on Dry Food (Exploding in Sound Records)
  19. Mirror Me by Cate Le Bon on Mug Museum (Turnstile)