Fried Chicken VIII


  1. Up for Days by Unlikely Heroes on Demo (
  2. Secret Agent Rat by Crystal Fairy on Crystal Fairy (Distant Spore)
  3. Turpentine by The Daisy Chain (Self)
  4. I Say by Moth nor Rust on Uprising (Self)
  5. 26 Episodes by Northern Waste on Demo (Self)
  6. Spruce by Impuritan on Altered Statues (Self)
  7. Taste the Biscuit by Toasters 'n' Moose on ...
  8. Silence In The Library by The Y Axes on Umbra (Visit
  9. Boys Night by Another Perfect Crime on YouTube (Self)
  10. Drone by Van Goat on So Far No Good (Self)
  11. Open Disguise by Synchronized Watches on Us We Here (Self)
  12. Just 1 Fix by Ministry on Greatest Hits (Self)
  13. Can I Sit Next to You by Spoon on Can I Sit Next To You (Matador)
  14. Grey Matter by An Emotional Fish on Grey (Self)
  15. 20 Mother Fuckers by The Wyatt Act on I Don't Know (
  16. Sent By The Man by The Damn Fanatics on New (Self)
  17. Famous Blue Raincoat by Victoria Dobbs on Soundcloud (Self)
  18. Stabs by CPL/Sk8 on BAENXIETY (Self)
  19. Peace & Serenity by Dreadbell on LiveLeak (Self)
  20. Holding Pattern by Real Estate on In Mind (Domino)
  21. Glasses by LEX on Bandcamp (Self)
  22. You Ain't Cool (Unless You Do Drugs) by Moore Devine on It's Not Selling Out, It's Cashing In (Self)
  23. 23 by Chew on 3D (Self)
  24. No Regrets by Doctor Striker on America (Self)
  25. Drugs on the Bus by Crystal Fairy on Crystal Fairy (Ipecac)
  26. Drone by Van Goat on So Far No Good
  27. Today Is The Day by Steel Cranes on Tango (Self)
  28. Shoot High Aim Low by Yes on Big Generator (Atco)