BRVS #9 w/ guest DJ Nathalie

guest DJ set by Nathalie
guest DJ set by Nathalie


  1. Faded Coat of Blue by Mother Maybelle Carter on Mother Maybelle Carter (Pickwick)
  2. Untitled by Klara Lewis on ETT (Mego)
  3. Tout est Magnifique by Jacques on Tout est Magnifique (Pain Surprises)
  4. California Cutie by Black Porn on NA (self released)
  5. Herpes Simplex by Lizzy Mercier Descloux on Press Color (ZE Records)
  6. Tumor by Lizzy Mercier Descloux on Press Color (ZE Records)
  7. I Feel Summer by COH on Return to Mechanics (Ge-stell)
  8. Me and the Gang by Bohannon on Summertime Groove (Mercury)
  9. HOX by Anthracite on Duke of York (Editions Mego)
  10. Tarantula Deadly Cargo by Sleaford Mods on Key Markets (harbinger sound)
  11. Social Fools by Devo on Hardcore Vol. 1 (Superior Viaduct)
  12. Whirly Bird by Silver Apples (Play Loud!)
  13. Drunken Maria (The Monks Cover) by Gossip (Play Loud!)
  14. Steppe Mich Weiter by Doc Schok on Schlecht dranl gut drauf (Play Loud!)
  15. Doc Schoko by Die Regierung on Supermull (Play Loud!)
  16. Olbrit by Floating Di Morel on Said My Say (Play Loud!)
  17. Holztrauer by Limpe Fuchs on Gestrupp (Play Loud!)
  18. Plein été by Michel Houellebecq on Presence Humaine (Tricatel)
  19. 3 ans by Katerine on Le Film Nouvel (Cinq)
  20. La Hafla (feat. Sofiane Saidi) by Acid Arab on Musique de France (Crammed Discs)
  21. Mili Alay by Mohammed Al Ali on Dabke-Sounds of the Syrian Houran (sham palace)