Patrick Shiroishi: Multi-Instrumentalist, Activist, Artist

Patrick Shiroishi is an insanely talented, Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist. I had the pleasure to have met him when I was living down there and was immediately blown away by Patrick and his saxophone skills, not only with playing in bands but with his own projects too. In the years since being back in The Bay Area, I’ve kept in touch with him and followed his musical journey. Patrick is Japanese-American and when COVID started and suddenly all of these Asian Americans became targets of hate, he put his voice, which is his music, to work.

Patrick's Website

Patrick's Bandcamp (all of his releases are on there, including the latest ones where part of the money goes towards different charity organizations.)

Patrick's Playlist,  "It's all music from albums that changed my projection/idea of what music could be like."Click on a song to listen to it in YouTube!

blink 182 - josie (3:19)
blonde redhead - equus (3:50)
bad dudes - eat drugs (2:04)
upsilon acrux - so thereby... (3:54)
ornette coleman - lonely woman (5:02)
blu and exile - i am...(7:26)
john zorn - batman (2:04)
john coltrane - mars (10:43)
anthony braxton - to pianist cecil taylor (5:18)
magma - the last seven minutes (7:33)
krallice - dimensional bleedthrough (11:10)

A few videos of Patrick performing that I love (All of his upcoming tour dates are on his bandcamp page. Patrick is amazing to see live!)

The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment

Patrick Shiroishi + Dylan Fujoika - Live at Coaxial, DTLA 1/6/2020

Ear Meal with Patrick Shiroishi

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