In observance of National No Socks Day, we’re promoting new Rock albums that will guaranteed knock your socks clean off.  Ain’t nobody got time for socks, gotta make your feet more aerodynamic to really get your back into a solid air guitar stance, or to “Bron” more vitality into “Y-Aur-Stomp.”  It’s safest to wear flip flops when listening to the following albums by Amen Dunes, Clothesline Revival, Dana T, Dream Wife, Fiddlehead, GUM, High Sunn, and Lucius.


    Amen Dunes

Amen Dunes might be the son of Patti Smith, what with his beautifully gritty vibrato and dark, yet not demented raw release of spirituality and suffering through this entire album.  

Below is "Miki Dora"


Clothesline Revival

This album has a smooth ambience and primarily carries a sprightly tone with a range of rhythm, tempo and explores multi-instrumentation.  

See below "Cow Cow Voodoo"


     Dana T

Dana Telsrow's new album will release this Friday, so we are immensely excited to check out the album in its entirety.  The following sneak peak does not betray Dana's majestic ability to merge funk, rock and a dash of punk.

Below is the playfully political "NSA"


Dream Wife

This group is the fluke of the century- they formed as an art school performance project with an aim at making a band mockumentary similar to "This Is Spinal Tap."  One thing led to another, and now their debut album has a chilling revival of 80s pop and post-punk, but also creates a unique sound and narrative which decries patriarchal constructs.

Below is "Fire" 



This post-hardcore punk group offers a sporadic edge in fundamentally punk riffs, yet also has a mediatative quality in vocals/lyricism conveying the constant cycle of irritation and lethargy.

Below is "Lay Low"



This album exercises its right to groovily utilize synthesizers galore, which is no shocker that Tame Impala and Pond's Jay Watson would bring anything less.  The vocals and multi-instrumentation brew an entrancing pyschedelic rock most fresh.

Below is ''The Blue Marble"


     High Sunn

This teenage group includes frontrunner and Bay Area native, Justin Cheromiah, who have made a punk album that embodies a lively, optimistic sense of yearning.  Despite their greenness, this album is incredibly refined, offering an exceptionally crafted blend of traditional punk and an authentic, passionate narrative of youthful joys and agonies.

Below is "Ramen Waitress" (from a prior EP, Hopeless Romantic)



Unlike their previous synth pop-rock sound, Lucius's new album is a tamer, yet powerful acoustic balladry that contains  wistfully eloquent lyrics which will dance swiftly through your ears and into your soul.   

Below is "Neighbors"

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