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Guitar virtuoso Marnie Stern comes roaring back with her first album in 10 years, and the good news is, she still shreds. We discuss "The Comeback…

For the Record S1 E200 30 mins

Husbands make upbeat indie pop that washes over you and takes you to a sunnier place -- a perfect listen as we start descending into winter.

For the Record S1 E199 30 mins

Milliseconds, a new trio with two members of The Dismemberment Plan, deliver a debut album of energetic, intricate songs confronting alienation and despair. We discuss "So…

For the Record S1 E198 30 mins

With their second album, Brooklyn 5-piece Geese take an ambitious swing into new territory that combines classic rock, funky basslines, and over-the-top vocals. We discuss "3D…

For the Record S1 E197 30 mins