lvl 1 radio newbie · he/him


Radio newbie who spends time going on long bike rides and making playlists in my head


A show loosely based around exploring the threads and connections between songs through their lyrics, themes, sounds or any other criteria

Recent Shows

DJ No Subject joining me in the studio this week with a High Fidelity inspired playlist

audiosyncrasies S1 E12 60 mins

Get in listener... we're taking a trip to Japan! Special guest DJ Yanimal in the studio this week. Songs inspired by going down the rabbit hole,…

audiosyncrasies S1 E10 60 mins

Join us this week for a "core memories" show: songs that bring back specific personal experiences/milestones special guest DJ formerly from KZSU

audiosyncrasies S1 E10

If you can't stand the 🔥 that DJ Irma's Pampanga is bringing this week, then get outta the kitchen! 🥵 Tunes to get you choppin, sweatin,…

audiosyncrasies S1 E9 60 mins