Hi my name is Alvie, I have a huge passion for music and showing support for bands that deserve it. I want this show's focus to be on as much local bay area talent as possible. Although, sometimes I might go off base and play various emerging bands from other music communities. If you want your music played here in the Bay Area send me a message. When I'm not playing music I want to bring in local talent for interviews, acoustic performances, and any other random things I can think up. Here is a little bit about me: I live in SF, ride my bike as much as I can, and I enjoy hiking and outdoor activities. When I'm in the city I am usually drinking beers, hanging out at parks, and going to as many local shows as I can! I play in a local band called Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs. We call our music trash blues; we are loud and in your face, come check us out. I will for sure be talking about our upcoming shows and other local shows around the bay area as well. If you have any shows you want me to mention shoot me a message.I would love to take requests if anyone has any or questions comments concerns contact us a or like/follow and come check out a show!


local music plus emerging bands from around the country Requests send to