this one has a penchant for solving mysteries. the sassy, reno-raised creep kicks high and confounds strangers with her natural wit. if she’s not analyzing podcasts or eating pizza, she’s probably aggressively petting her fat cat, sebastian.


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we're running low on time time TIME. the clocks are ticking out of order. the planets are spinning in unfamiliar orbits and throwing our shit all…

hello, cheetle.

hello, cheetle. amber is prancing around a river this week. no doubt she'll return next week with tales of her sightings of a moose, bald eagle…

hello, cheetle.

hello, cheetle. we're hunkering down and steering clear of the germs this week. so enjoy playlist of road trip bangers. one day we'll all get out…

hello, cheetle.

hello, cheetle. get greased up and pack yourself into the studio for a night of ratty rippers. britt is traveling in italyyyy living up to…

hello, cheetle.

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