this one has a penchant for solving mysteries. the sassy, reno-raised creep kicks high and confounds strangers with her natural wit. if she’s not analyzing podcasts or eating pizza, she’s probably aggressively petting her fat cat, sebastian.


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hello, cheetle. oh haiii. how r you? we're back, on the zooms. but maybe we'll clink goblets through some protective glass next week?  enjoy some chill…

hello, cheetle. 120 mins

hello, cheetles. idk where we are or what the hell is going on but here are some bangers. hang in there. it feels like 2020 is…

hello, cheetle.

hello, cheetle. oh haii. video calls ad nauseum, amirite? time to start the sipping. tunes tonite from ryan wong, moon daze, greg ashley, mall walk, bAd…

hello, cheetle.

hello, cheetle.  makin the most of these longer days. we're shaking our limbs east and west and leaving a trail of weirdo super magic everywhere in…

hello, cheetle.

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