Brother Jill

DJ · Dude/Bro


Foul mouthed SF Barber with a penchant for oversharing. Daily commitment to false eyelashes, Adderall, and listening to all the music no one else wants to. Short but intimidating.


We all die alone- but we don't have to cry alone! Break-up // Heartbreak tunes across all genres. DM // Email us your break-up tunes // stories to share! Friday nights were made for crying.

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LETTTT'SS GOO!!! It's that time of year (NO not Valentine's Day you NERD) - it's the SUPER BOWL (don't ask me which one)! And what better…

DIE ALONE 120 mins

If you didn't love Kreayshawn in 2011- don't fucking talk to me. On this episode, we celebrate the bangers of the "White Girl Mob"- Kreayshawn, Lil'…

DIE ALONE 120 mins

What is the difference between songs that "make me barf" and CRINGECORE? Well, first I just made that up- because it makes my skin crawl- and…

DIE ALONE 120 mins

2023 was a wild and shitty year. High highs, low lows. Unrelenting stress- can't wait to revisit that, right? Well, turns out I don't listen to…

DIE ALONE 120 mins