Kacper Kosikowski

DJ · he/him


Hey! I’m 30, Polish, an engineer, a guitarist, a socialist (i.e. I like going out and hanging out with people), in SF since 2021, and ‘why’ is my favorite word. The longer I live outside of where I grew up, the more I think about how difficult it is to understand other cultures. And at the same time, the more I want to not look back and build on top of them! 


A weekly show where — in the spirit of a night out — we’ll try to dive into the topic of the universal language of music. Heavily biased towards Eastern Europe, Brazil and San Francisco.

Recent Shows

Auxlang Café

cool Bulgarian music I’ve dug out this weekend — no Chalga

Auxlang Café 120 mins

Auxlang Café 120 mins

nu metal seems to be back, hyper pop is around, bring me the horizon glues it all together – I've found some songs I enjoy and…

Auxlang Café 120 mins