Lily Sloane


Lily Sloane is an audio producer, composer, and psychotherapist in San Francisco. 


Radical Advice is a weekly advice show mixed in with socio-political commentary, education about the human psyche, smashing the patriarchy, and lots of resistance (but not the kind therapists complain about).

A podcast of varying length and schedule, where we curate bits of the amazing stuff that's happening at, from our archives and beyond.

Recent Shows

w/ Guest
  • Rusty Sunsets
  • Ben Ward

In March, the BFF studio, like almost everything else, closed down. But the shows went on with DJ’s broadcasting from home. Just this past week, with…

InFrequencies S1 E5 30 mins

w/ Guest
  • John Vanderslice
  • DJ Nino MSK

I think it’s fair to say, a community is only as healthy and thriving as its arts scene, just as our personal health depends on our…

InFrequencies S1 E4 32 mins

w/ Guest
  • DJ Baqvas

I love the broad range of music our DJ’s so lovingly share with us on their shows at BFF. I’ve heard music I wouldn’t have discovered…

InFrequencies S1 E3 19 mins

w/ Guest
  • Devin Lane
  • DJ Sweet T

When shelter in place went into effect, the BFF community rose to the crisis moment immediately, to ensure DJs could keep recording and broadcasting their shows…

InFrequencies S1 E2 32 mins