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All things transsexual and trashy in audio sold here ^_−☆


a web of experimental ethereal music-fun ~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes

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Thursday night-turned Monday afternoon, a lost club mix emerges out of Studio B at BFF. Local-DJ, event organizer and party-deity Showhole slides into the studio to…

The Lost Hour

No, exactly, I mean--totally! Yeah, definitely. Co-Host of other BFF enterprise, Talk And Noise at Noon (TNN) and distributor of all things, juke, jukey, jungle-y and…

The Lost Hour

Within the arenas of unfiltered synth, there may appear to be conflict in the chaos and rhythm. However,  local electronica artist, NIKI FM presents a synoptical…

The Lost Hour 60 mins

This episode is pre-recorded, listening to the wonderful music of ethereal artist, Raveena. Happy 2023! ~tom The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal…

The Lost Hour 60 mins