Viviana Vivas

DJ for Amor Mio & Part of the Marketing Side · she/her


Hey there I'm Vivi :,)  I'm not sure what I should say about myself. But what comes to mind is that I like the color blue and music. I feel like I'm constantly growing and learning new things and I'm trying to be less afraid of the world. Okay bye bye 🫶🏼


Healing my inner child through soulful music! A Chicana queen who chooses to put mental health first and copes with music! We will be exploring music, addressing mental health struggles, and growing up together, c'mon bestie!

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Songs my mom would listen to while cleaning the whole house. lots of goodies and oldies that make me cry !

Amor Mio 60 mins

Amor Mio 60 mins

Amor Mio 60 mins

Amor Mio № 4 60 mins

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