2015 was a stellar music year. Here's the rundown of my 5 favorites:

Shuttle358 // Can You Prove I Was Born 

'Shuttle's newest record might be his best. Dreamy soundscapes galore.

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Arovane & Hior Chronik // In-Between 
A Strangely Isolated Place

I've been an Arovane fan for years. Uwe hadn't released a proper record in that vein since 2004, and this collaboration with Hior Chronik brings out a lot of the classic Arovane sound, deepened and refined for the new decade.

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Andrew Weathers Ensemble // Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything 
Full Spectrum

Andrew has a knack for music that can be all at once highly intricate and punk as fuck. I love this record.

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Rachel Grimes // The Clearing 
Temporary Residence

Post-Rachel's, this is definitely Grimes' most important work and an absolutely lovely record.

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Tiny Leaves // A Certain Tide 

I love it when an absolutely great record is made by an equally great person. This is Joel Nathaniel Pike's magnum opus as Tiny Leaves, and a transforming listen.

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Honorable Mentions:

Glover/Perrault // Freight 1110 Through Greensboro (Full Spectrum)

Madeleine Cocolas // Cascadia (Futuresequence)

Villages // Procession Acts (Bathetic)

Good Weather For An Airstrike // Torpor (Champion Version)

Circuit Des Yeux // In Plain Speech (Thrill Jockey)

En // City Of Brides (Students of Decay)

Le Berger // Music for Guitar and Patience (Home Normal)

Spheruleus & Friends // William Barber (Hibernate)

Altars Altars // 1984 (Found Toys)

Olan Mill // Cavade Morlem (Dronarivm)